Hi Dr. Morano,I have a question that I have never in my 28 years of being saved ever received an answer to.  So, reaching out to you to see if you can shed some “light” on this topic…here we go….

Since we (humanity) are said to have descended from Adam and Eve, in order for the earth to be populated,  I would assume that means that brothers and sisters, uncles, nieces, aunts, etc…..in other words “family members” come together to bring forth children in order to populate the earth…my question is ….if that is the case, is that not considered incest?  And if so, why would it have been alright to do that back in those day, yet not right in the days we are living in now.

Thank you so much for your time and for your ministry….I have been so blessed by the wisdom God has entrusted you with to enlighten His children especially in the days we are living in.


Greetings Michele,

Thanks for listening! Regarding your question, I often teach that sin is the human disease, it not only manifests in spiritual death but it has had a progressive effect physiologically, as well. In other words, the genome (DNA) of the human race was still not so corrupted within the first few generations of mankind. As sin festered, the accompanying aberrations started to manifest. Eventually, the abnormalities began to show up when the chromosomes came too close together etc. as observed with incest.

Naturally, things had to start somewhere and I believe the Godhead was sovereign in this progression of nature regardless, of the  fall. Procreation had no other option than to have its genesis within the bonds of the immediate family, as we see brought out in the books of Adam and Eve (Cain marries his sister Luwana). Thus, at the beginning God permitted this but as the gene pool broadened through population increase and sin matured it was no longer healthy, beneficial or necessary for such inbred reproduction. I hope this helps. Blessings,

Dr. Danny