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War Cry – 10/08/18 Guest Danny Morano

Also, Communion this episode, Deliverance @ the table: See & Please give to the India mission. God bless you!

Fire Starter – Episode 16
Kevin will share a bit of testimony, then Dr. Morano will join us for Q&A, open lines, open chat. Join us 8pm east coast time. This will be a great discussion.


Fire Starter – Episode 15
Dr. Danny Morano will discuss ramifications of the counterfeit gospel infecting teachings today, the mechanics of Acts 2, the definition of a pricked heart, one accord, Salvation, the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. and how we can be assured that our salvation will need to be worked out with fear and trembling. Join us, we will take calls, and questions, and the chat room will be open.


Fire Starter – Roundtable Discussion
Let’s see who shows up……

Fire Starter – Episode 14

Dr. Danny Morano gives us his perspective, talks about his new book on debunking the pre trib rapture position. Chatroom, and phone lines wide open, taking your questions….Join us. Get a digital copy of his new book here.


Fire Starter – Episode 11