Cultural Christianity (Constantinian Christendom) vs. True Scriptural Christianity – Volume IBookImage

The focus of this book, “Exposing the Counterfeit Church – Cultural Christianity (Christendom) vs. True Scriptural Christianity”. We will examine the difference between the Church Jesus Christ claimed He would create and build in His Name on the earth (the Ecclesia- gathering together of the called out ones), the true spiritual entity and living organism that Christ created in the spirit that throughout two millennia has and will continue to express herself in a time transcending, mystical and organic community, called out of the world system and into the eternal kingdom of God.

As opposed to the Counterfeit Church, that Frankensteinish, Constantinian creation of a religious system that fallen angels and demons have conspired with unregenerate man to build in attempt to trump the Kingdom of God and deceive the world into worshiping Satan in place of Christ. This false religious belief system manifests and expresses itself through a man-made, man-ordained, man-ruled, satanically influenced network, structure and organization which finds its home within the world system and ultimately, reflects its values, priorities, government and spirit.

We will uncover the genesis and histories of these two entities and discover the differences so that the true Bride of Christ may hear the call of the Angel in Revelation 18, “Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, come out of her my people, partake not of her sins and receive not of her plagues!” Throughout this writing, I will be referring to two churches, both are being called the Church today and this is what has been at the root of confusion and deception these many centuries resulting in the Great Apostasy that our Lord prophesied would be the predominant danger for mankind especially, in the closing moments of time.